The Reveal – 4 years later!

5 Nov

Well its been a few years since I last updated the blog – I can’t even explain why I stopped blogging but I think that managing 2 kids, a renovation and full time work finally got the better of me and something had to give. However after a long break i’m slowly feeling like I could begin to write again and so I wanted to start where I always thought I would leave off….with how the house looks now after all the work we did!

So here it is – the big reveal….

The House Front

The House Front

02_living room

Formal Living Room


Stairs & Kitchen View

04_family room-2

Family Room View

05_kitchen COVER PHOTO

Kitchen View

06_dining room

Dining Area


Rear Of The House

As you can imagine the house does not look this immaculate on a daily basis but this is after a full day of cleaning with no kids in it! We didn’t shoot the upstairs as we only had a half day to shoot and there wasn’t time. When we eventually  get round to this I’ll share them in another post.

These photographs were  arranged by our architect Tom Mcelroy & shot by Paul Dyer.

French & Vintage?? Yes please……

1 Mar

And for today’s amazing Etsy find we have this beauty. I want this, and I want this now…how do I get to Chicago?? !!!


French vintage dresser in sunny yellow

Getting Monogrammed in Succulents

27 Feb

I am dying over these  letter shaped planter boxes filled with gorgeous succulents. Such a great gift  for your favorite newlyweds or an incredibly cute housewarming present for a friend!!

Even better, you can pick any letter you like and order them from here.


A monogram in Succulents

Gorgeous Abstract Art by Cornelia

26 Feb

I am on the hunt for some new things to look at on my walls  and so I was browsing around on Etsy recently when I discovered the fabulous Art by Cornelia.  I instantly fell in love with her abstract style, the mostly muted colors and the use of shimmering metallic paints and so I wanted to find out more about the artist behind these gorgeous paintings.


Contemporary Abstract


I emailed Cornelia to ask a little bit more about her inspiration and how she got started as a painter :

“I became fascinated with painting at a young age ever since about third grade when all the students got these watercolor paint sets to take home, I was completely hooked. My mom noticed my interest and she began to buy me used paint sets at garage sales all throughout grade school and high school, I remember cutting the ends off the crumpled tubes to squeeze every last drop of paint out. When I was deciding what to study in college everyone told me that you can’t make a living being an artist so I decided to study interior design because that was another thing that I really loved. After about three years I realized that I just wasn’t happy and I started asking myself that question “what would you do if you knew you could not fail?” and painting was the one and only thing that came to mind, so I decided to do it. I love making art, I love being in control of the whole process, deciding what to work on, having my space to work in, working at my own pace, and the best part is constantly discovering something new, mixing materials and techniques and having something that you were not expecting happen.”


Original Pattern Painting

Where you get your inspiration from?

“I am very drawn to things that are worn or imperfect, that have the mark of time on them, the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi. I am inspired by textures and color combinations whether in nature or man-made fabrics or materials, I am always taking pictures of little details and saving clippings from magazines of patterns or beautiful clothes or interiors. The idea of rain continually comes up in my paintings, I love the idea of a moody rainy day where things are blurred and colors are saturated. Often I’ll be working on a painting and in the middle of it I’ll notice some small thing that’s happening like the way two of the colors are merging or the way the texture is showing through from under a wash and I’ll be inspired to make a whole new painting from that.”



Abstract Painting Black , White & Gold

Do you look to current color trends to help define your palette?

“Actually, I just finished an emerald painting that I was instantly inspired to do when I saw an article featuring these beautiful emerald dresses. I love fashion and interior design so I am always flipping through magazines or books and am often inspired by a certain dress or the color combination in an interior. I love the continuous change of things, how colors or themes will go in and out of style and the same things become new over and over.”

A big thanks to Cornelia for sharing her inspirations  and gorgeous paintings with us and if you want to see more of her work you can check out her store here .


Oh Holy Chair Love….

17 Feb

I am a recovering chair addict (haha that’s an original upholstery joke right there!!). I LOVE can guarantee if I go vintage  furniture shopping that’s what I will come home with..a chair. Every single time.

In our small 2 bed flat in San Francisco I think I counted over 15 chairs at one point – totally ridiculous! So you can imagine how my heart started pounding when I saw this gorgeous walnut number from Crate & Barrel..

The Cavett Leather Chair

The Cavett Leather Chair

Come to mama my sweet sweet thing of beauty!!

What’s your obsession???

A Stylish Way to Eat….

28 Jan

With the new dining table arriving soon I’ve been thinking about all our dinner ware and serve ware and I am so in love with this rose gold flatware set from West Elm that I may design everything around this!!!


What do you think of the new trend for golden flatware? Will it date or is it classic?

Oh Gatsby…..

10 Jan

For a long time now I have loved the roaring twenties era. The fashion, the design the sheer vivaciousness of life war and full of decadence! So I was uber excited when I heard that the movie was being remade with Leonardo diCaprio starring as Gatsby.

Baz Luhrmann  of Romeo and Juliet fame is directing the new Gatsby movie and this second trailer was just released…the sets and costumes look so amazing I’m sure it will spark off a revival in 20’s deco style. I for one will be finding a way to incorporate flapper dresses into my everyday wear!

Will you be going to see this movie? What’s your favorite historical Era?



Dining in style…soon

4 Jan

For the last 6 years – since we moved to the USA from London my little family has been dining on a basic white round table from Ikea. We loved it when we bought it and lord knows we have had great use out of it but with more and more guests on the horizon and finally being able to entertain in our home it was high time to splash out and get a new table.

I have been keeping my eye open for a table for a while but I wasn’t getting very far – I really was torn about what to buy…wood or white? make our own concrete topped one??? Modern or traditional?

I needed help. So I started hitting my design sources for ideas (aka Pinterest!!) and I was heavily  inspired by this great dining set up……

Modern meets traditional dining room

Modern meets traditional dining room

I actually found this image on the Novogratz facebook page taken from the NY Times blog, the photograph is by  Magnus Marding.

The combination of modern & traditional is right up my alley and the legs on the above table are amazing. And so with this image in mind I finally knew what style I was looking for and after some time I found it. Yes, I have finally chosen a dining table…..

Grand Baluster in Black Drifted Oak

Grand Baluster in Black Drifted Oak

It’s from Restoration Hardware and I was able to take advantage of their end of year sale which was a bonus. I love the lines on this table and the black color is so dramatic! I cant wait to see it in situ. It also extends out to 96 inches which is perfect for the times we have more people over for dinner! (well not for another 4 weeks till we get it delivered!)

As for the chairs I am thinking I will add in some white modern eames moulded chairs around it to play off the traditional lines. Exactly like the ones in the first image above. What do you think – do you like the Black & White combination or would you add in some color???!!


New Year Tidings and Inspirations …..

2 Jan

In keeping with the new year and the made resolutions that are surely on everyone’s mind right now, I’m sharing these inspiring bits of artwork that can help keep you on track to fulfilling your promises to yourself!!

Carpe Diem Print

Carpe Diem Print


Be Yourself Print

Be Yourself Print

She Believed Print

She Believed Print


My personal resolutions this year are to try to blog more regularly, waste less time procrastinating (ahem Facebook that means you!!!)  and to live in the moment with my beautiful family!

What’s your personal mantra going to be for this new year?

Links :  1. 2. 3.


Pantone Color of the Year 2013 is…..

12 Dec

Emerald Green! I am thrilled by this as its my birthstone color  but its a gorgeous rich color that is really difficult to use in interiors without it overpowering rooms. Too much and you could end up with a front room looking like the Wizard of Oz’s castle!

Here’s my favorite pin-spirations of people using emerald-green in their homes in a chic and tasteful manner…..

Emerald green walls

Emerald green walls

Accenting with Emerald green.

Accenting with Emerald green.

A chic entry way using green & polka dots!

A chic entry way using green & polka dots!

Bold curtains on a neutral backdrop

Bold curtains on a neutral backdrop

What do you think of this year’s color? Would you put any emerald-green accents in your home or is it too overpowering for you?

Pin Sources 1. 2. 3. 4.

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