Oh Holy Chair Love….

17 Feb

I am a recovering chair addict (haha that’s an original upholstery joke right there!!). I LOVE them..you can guarantee if I go vintage ¬†furniture shopping that’s what I will come home with..a chair. Every single time.

In our small 2 bed flat in San Francisco I think I counted over 15 chairs at one point – totally ridiculous! So you can imagine how my heart started pounding when I saw this gorgeous walnut number from Crate & Barrel..

The Cavett Leather Chair

The Cavett Leather Chair

Come to mama my sweet sweet thing of beauty!!

What’s your obsession???

One Response to “Oh Holy Chair Love….”

  1. Cliona Moore February 21, 2013 at 1:42 pm #

    Vintage teak….obsessed!

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