Oh Holy Chair Love….

I am a recovering chair addict (haha that’s an original upholstery joke right there!!). I LOVE them..you can guarantee if I go vintage  furniture shopping that’s what I will come home with..a chair. Every single time.

In our small 2 bed flat in San Francisco I think I counted over 15 chairs at one point – totally ridiculous! So you can imagine how my heart started pounding when I saw this gorgeous walnut number from Crate & Barrel..

The Cavett Leather Chair

The Cavett Leather Chair

Come to mama my sweet sweet thing of beauty!!

What’s your obsession???


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We're a British couple living and working in the Bay Area and we just put our life savings (gulp) into our first home. We both work full time and have 2 young sons so life is kinda hectic! We intend to fully remodel the house with a very small budget whilst living in it and we will be doing most of the work ourselves. Interested in sustainable design and living we are trying to do the remodel as green as we can within our budget. This is our record of the journey to create our dream family home, the decisions we face and the inspiration and ideas we gather along the way.

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